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plant-resources.biz . . .

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   has been developed to provide an easily accessible B-2-B communication vehicle that plant  industry personnel can use to source products locally.

If you are doing business as a Landscaper, Plant Nursery, Greenhouse Grower, Land Manager or Garden Center  in Wisconsin, or other areas of the Upper Midwest (basically anyone who is working with plants) and

If  you find yourself

  • sometimes needing plants or product to finish an order or job?
  • having plants or product you don’t need and want to sell, trade, donate?
  • wanting to combine smaller shipments with neighbors to save transportation costs?
  • having structural material, equipment or hard goods you want to  buy, sell, trade, donate?

Then this website will help you MAKE COMMUNICATION CONNECTIONS with fellow businesses to facilitate transactions that hopefully will benefit both of you — helping you procure what you need,  sell what you have or combine orders —  and ultimately INCREASE YOUR PROFIT MARGIN just a bit.

With tighter budgets, no one wants to over-buy plants or product, but no one wants to run short of supply either. Subsequently, sometimes the need to find a small amount of a product arises — or you end up with extra product that you won’t be using.

Transportation prices continue to increase —  wouldn’t it be nice to arrange shared shipments rather than finding out in a day or two that the truck just went by last week?

Or, maybe you have upgraded  or remodeled and you havet some equipment that someone else could use. . or maybe you are looking for some used equipment — remember, recycling benefits all.

To accomplish any of the above, communication amongst colleagues becomes vital.  That’s where  plant-resources.biz comes in.

The plant-resources.biz website provides a central place where you can

  • make contact with other businesses,
  • post  information on plants and product you have available for sale or  need to acquire
  • coordinate shipments to save costs
  • advertise material for sale, wanted to buy, available for barter, or available for a donation
  • initiate any sort of colleague conversation that will foster money saving communication

This site is  here to simply facilitate those connections.  We’ll be your communication vehicle.

And, Registration on the site is free!

So, Welcome Aboard!     Put plant-resourcs.biz to Good Use!

Welcome to Plant-Resources.biz!

Registration to use the site is FREE. Registration is required to post an ad. The cost of posting an ad can be found here

Plant-Resources.biz is an independent B-2-B site developed as a communication vehicle available to assist Landscapers, Garden Centers, Land Managers, Nursery Operators, Greenhouses and any other businesses involved with plants in the Upper Midwest to locally source products.

Use the site to communicate with industry colleagues in order to share resources and save money. Collaborating with colleagues can benefit everyone's bottom line.

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